Polymorphism means many form, Basically Polymorphism is of two types

  1. Compile time Polymorphism: Compile time polymorphism further divided in to two parts
  1.  Function Overloading: When There is multiple function with the same name but different type of argument and different in number of argument. Then this function is called overloaded function.
  2. Operator Overloading : As operator are performed on the system defined operand , when we have to use these operator on the user defined operands i.e we are overloading the operator.

      2. Run Time Polymorphism: This type of polymorphism is achieved by function overriding or virtual function and function overriding occur when derived class has a definition for one of the function of the base class then base class function is called overridden, this overridden function resolved in most derived class


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