malloc V/s new

Basically malloc() is used to allocate memory in C, while new is used to allocate memory in C++ langauage.It is frequently asked question in Interview. Difference between malloc and new are as follows.

  1. malloc() is C function while new is an C++ operator
  2. malloc() create memory on heap while new create memory on free space.
  3. malloc() return a void pointer which is implicitly typecast in to any of the data type as C++ is a storng type safe programming language so new operator return the specific type pointer. If malloc()y is used in c++ then its return should be typecast.
  4. In malloc() size must be specified in term of bytes whicle in new size is calculated by the compiler.
  5. If malloc() fail it return the NULL while if new fail it throw bad_alloc which is handle safely.
  6. malloc() didn’t call the constructor while everytime new call the constructor, So system defined data type can also be initialised with new operator.
  7. memory allocated by malloc() clean by free(ptr) function while memory allocated by new is freed by delete operator.




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