Inheritance allows to define a new class in erms of another class, In Inheritance super class(base class) properties inherited in to derived class(sub class) 

Types of Inheritance:  There are different tpes of inheritance as explained below

Sinlge Inheriatance:  When there is only one class is inherited from base class There is one class and one derived class. 



Multiple-Inheritance : A single derived may inherit from more than one base class.


Hierarchical Inheritance:  In this type of inheritance there are multiple derived class(more then one) from base class.



Multilevel Inheritance:   In this type of inheritance derived class is inherited from a base class which in turns inherit from other class means there is number of different level of inheritance.

Hybrid(Virtual) Inheritance: Hybrid or Virtual Inheritance is the combination of Hierarchical Inheriatnce and Multilevel Inheriatnce


 Diamond Problem: The diamond problem occur when two superclass of a sub class have a comman base class as per above diagram, so Object of most derived class has two copy of class BASE_A ‘s object so there is an ambiguity in derived class which object to use either which is coming through ABD path or which is coming through ACB PATH





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