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Sometime It is not possible to know that  which function is going to called untill runtime, Only at runtime compiler call’s the particular function based on the function signature matched, […]

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Pure virtual function is a Member function of the class which is not implemented into the base class even though it is implemented in all its derived class. It is […]

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Virtual Function: A virtual function is a special type of member function which is start with keyword virtual and It is redefined in to the derived class. When we refer […]

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Constructor is a special type of default member function of the class, Which have the same name as class and doesn’t have any return type. It Instantiate the class means […]

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Basically malloc() is used to allocate memory in C, while new is used to allocate memory in C++ langauage.It is frequently asked question in Interview. Difference between malloc and new […]

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Link list: It is one of the imortant data structure , Here You can find out number of operation which can be performed on link list. I tried to keep […]

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