Vtable and Vptr !!!

Vtable or virtual table is similar to static array, To implement the virtual function C++ uses a special form of late binding as the virtual table. Virtual table is a […]

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Also, the code above can be optimized still by calculating pow(z, (n/2)) only one time (instead of twice) and using its value in the two return() expressions above. […]

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//Recursive Program

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Polymorphism means many form, Basically Polymorphism is of two types Compile time Polymorphism: Compile time polymorphism further divided in to two parts  Function Overloading: When There is multiple function with the […]

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Inheritance allows to define a new class in erms of another class, In Inheritance super class(base class) properties inherited in to derived class(sub class)  Types of Inheritance:  There are different tpes […]

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As We know that hybrid inheritance can lead to the diamond problem where most derived class has the 2 copies of the super most class  So As per below solution […]

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